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About Us

Here at AutoInfuse, we strive to ensure no matter who you are, the biggest car dealership in the country, an experienced detailer, just starting out, a valeter, car enthusiast, someone who just likes a clean car once a week, or the person who washes the car only when people start to complain that they won’t get in again until it’s clean, we provide the best quality products we can in order to make your car, van, bike, tractor, lorry or whatever other vehicle you’re cleaning, both easier and more enjoyable.

The AutoInfuse brand all started back in 2016 when we were just two friends running a small valeting & detailing business, the problem we came across was a common one for most people, one brand of products just wasn’t enough. Brand A would provide us with snowfoam, and it was great, but their wheel cleaner was terrible, so we would get this from brand B, but their glass cleaner left awful streaks behind, so we got this from brand C and so on…

So rather than deal with multiple brands and 5+ sales reps, we vowed to, at the very least, try our best to eliminate this problem by creating our own brand of products that ticked all the boxes. While many brands have tried this before, it’s definitely not a problem that can be solved overnight, so we got to work.

We done a lot of market research with car dealerships, detailers, valeters and car enthusiasts all over the country, we wanted to work out what people wanted and to try and deliver this. We found that most people want a wheel cleaner that you can spray on, leave a minute or two and wash off, without having to get too up close and personal with a brush or a sponge. A lot of people liked a really thick snowfoam that covers the car in soapy whiteness, but some preferred one that runs off, effectively pulling the dirt off with it.

We then developed what we would call the basics, traffic film remover, iron fallout remover, alloy wheel cleaner and snowfoam, we tested these ourselves and were extremely happy, but, we can’t expect people to take our word for it, we’re not sales orientated and don’t have sales backgrounds, our team is made up of detailers and chemists, however, they’re still our products and we’re trying to sell them. So we sent a number of samples out to experienced detailers who were able to provide feedback, to our surprise, not one came back with a bad word to say, we were over the moon and we knew at this point we were on the right tracks.

After this we obviously carried on with a little more, glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner, tar remover etc. We then moved onto our Ceramic range, we started with a Ceramic Wax, the feedback we got from this was phenomenal. We had people saying their cars we’re shiner than they have ever seen, the protection was unrivalled and it’s like nothing they had ever seen before, we were still over the moon with this as we were living up to our promise of changing the way people look at brands with just one or two good products, we were ticking every box on every product, and if we weren’t, we didn’t release it, we changed it and tried again.

Our customer base grew that much that it actually put us at around 120% manufacturing capacity, so, we moved into bigger and better premises in order to continue what we were doing. Unfortunately, in May 2022, disaster struck, one Saturday night, a pipe burst, the new premises was flooded, while causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to both stock and machinery, we may have just been sent back to square one. We were now faced with a deal with it and carry on, or close up shop sort of decision.

We just dealt with it, we knew we would face some obstacles along the way, albeit we weren’t expecting something quite like that, or at such a scale, but we cleaned up, rectified the problem and tried our best to get back on our feet.

We deal with the retail, trade and wholesale markets, so why not get in touch to try some of our products. We are also continually developing our products and furthering our range, so if there’s something you think we could be doing better, or a product we don’t current make that you’d like to see, why not drop us a message and we’ll see what we can do…